Project Wave Update

Wifi access point on a pole at Gulf Harbour Marina

The second phase of the marina-wide deployment of enhanced WiFi access is complete. All piers have now had the wiring and electrical infrastructure checked and installed where necessary.  This phase has proceeded at a steady pace, but has been hampered by the bad weather we have been having.

The third phase gets underway in the first week of July, which will be much more visible. You should start to see aluminium poles being erected alongside some of the emergency contact points on each pier. These poles will be used to mount the new WiFi Access Points, these being the equipment that your devices talk to when communicating using the network. Most piers will have five of them equally spaced down the pier, however the shorter piers will only require four.

From the team at Gulf Harbour Marina, thanks once again for supporting the team who are doing the deployment by being aware of their work environment and any hazards that may be present. 

Details on how to access the new network will be sent through to you in the next few weeks. We look forward to having you online!

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