Meet Barry from our boatyard

Barry from the boatyard on the travel lift

If one good thing came about due to COVID for us here at the Marina, it must be that this month’s star team member, Barry, joined the maintenance team. While COVID sadly put an end to his building apprenticeship, it gave him the opportunity to put his construction experience to good use. Quickly proving to be an invaluable team member, he was then sought out by the Boatyard team to help them with their daily operations, and he has enjoyed three years learning the ropes and achieving notable milestones.

Working on the yard, he explains, allows him to gain experience on a variety of formidable looking machines (as pictured), meet new people, share stories, and even organise the odd fishing trip with like-minded boaties. “There is not much chance of being bored” he says. “Every day is different from the next.” 

When asked what his favourite thing was about working on the yard, he explains that he has always had a fascination with boats, and he has learned many new skills in dealing with the larger boats particularly. He admits that at times this can be hugely challenging, but that’s what makes it so rewarding.

“I’m an outdoor person myself – I go fishing, camping… I am always out on my boat so I can’t think of a better way to spend my time at work than helping out with boats. I am out on my boat fishing pretty much every weekend (when I can wangle it).”

As a young person Barry spent a lot of time in the beautiful Aitutaki, where his father was born. When growing up, he regularly caught, Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna and Mahimahi. Its little wonder that fishing has become a passion. 

Snapper is the most common fish he now catches in the Hauraki Gulf, and his favourite dish to prepare with his catch is to combine it with onions, capsicum, and coconut cream – so simple yet so delicious! Of course, it’s even better when you have caught the
fish yourself. 

Although the team makes it look easy, the processes they go through out on the yard every day, such as lifting boats out of the water, is a lot more intricate than people may think. “There is so much more involved, I wish people could see exactly what goes on” says Barry. 

Barry has a growing Instagram following with @Outheregettingitdone, which documents his fishing and boating expeditions – what better person to be out there getting it done on the yard! Come and say kia ora to Barry next time you’re out and about on the Marina.

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