Navigating the Marina


Gulf Harbour Marina is located on the south side of the Whangaparāoa Peninsula and is approached from the south and east.

It has a red and white sectored light FL WR 3S 5/3M (#1 on the chart below).

Approaching vessels must stay within the white sector to be clear of Kotanui Island to the south-west and the end of the rock breakwater to the east.

Channel and Layout

The deep-water entry channel is marked by red and green flashing lights (# 2-12) on top of painted piles and white transit leading marks (# 13-16). These transit marks are white triangles, which must be kept lined up to stay on the transit. They are also lit at night by flashing white lights.

Once inside the Marina, the first thing to note is the Ferry Terminal on your port side. This marks the end of Z pier. From there heading north, the piers are marked by lit signs on top of poles and run from A to L, with A pier housing the larger berths (18-20m) and L the smaller (10.5m) with a range in between.

Odd-numbered berths are on the south-side of piers, even-numbered berths on the north.

Navigation lights at Gulf Harbour Marina
Marina depths chart Gulf Harbour Marina

The fuel dock is located opposite E and F piers, and can be accessed at any state of tide. It is self-service with diesel, petrol and water available.

Continuing north from there, you will come to O and N piers on the eastern side of the Marina, which house our longest and deepest berths – up to 50m and 4.5m deep at Chart Datum.

There is a shelf which can be seen clearly on the depth chart to the left and extends out beyond the end of the piers into the main channel. It is important for deep draft vessels to follow the white transit leads closely to avoid this shelf at low tide.

Our haul out facility is located between F and G piers.

Wind and Tide

There is very little tidal flow within the Marina, with any current staying well under 1Kt at full ebb and flow.

The predominant wind direction is from the south west and usually presents within the Marina at around 5-7Kt below the open water wind speed.

Entry to the Haul Out area is well sheltered in a south westerly by the high cliffs to the west of the Marina.

Gulf Harbour Marina Channel

Entry Protocol

Gulf Harbour Marina Map

Please contact the Marina to request a berth allocation. This can be done by phone on 09 424 6200 or by calling on VHF CH 73 to speak to the Dockmaster on duty.

We have two nimble work boats and trained Dockmasters standing by to assist with berthing should it be required. Simply ask at the time of booking or on arrival. We’re always happy to help.

Please keep your speed low enough to avoid a wake or below 5Kts within the Marina.

Give Way

Give way to vessels already underway in the main channel.

When leaving your berth, check both ways before casting off your lines.

When approaching another vessel in the main channel, stay to the starboard side of the channel to pass port-to-port.

GHM Give Way Map