Travel Lifts and Hardstand

Travel Lifts

Gulf Harbour Marina runs two travel lifts simultaneously – one capable of lifting up to 100 tonnes and 7.8m in beam, and the other up to 30 tonnes. We also have a low-loader for movement in and around the boatyard.

On haul-out, boats are generally treated to a water blast to remove bio-foul and then either returned to the water, moved to a cradle on the hardstand, into the purpose-built Hardstand Shed (enquire for availability), or onto the back of a transporter truck.

Once your boat is on its cradle, you are welcome to work on it yourself, book one of the on-site trades or registered contractors to work on your boat or leave it there for long-term storage.

Please view our haul-out rates here or book using the form below.

15% off haul out rates for June & July!

Haul-out Agreement
Boatyard Rules & Guidelines


The hardstand is a dedicated yard for servicing and repairing vessels including yachts, launches and catamarans. It’s available for both boat owners and contractors to undertake work for any period of time.

This busy working environment includes a mixture of cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians and therefore we advise workers to take care when moving around it.

Please view our Hardstand rates here or book using the form below.

15% off Hardstand rates for June and July!

We also have on-site services and available contractors.

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