Electrical Connections

All electrical power connections must fall into one of the following categories.

Unattended power supply for vessels (shore power connections)

In order to be connected to a Gulf Harbour Marina power supply, all vessels must provide a copy of a current Warrant of Electrical Fitness (WoEF) certificate (as per NZ Electrical Safety Regulations 2010, Reg 76) AND evidence of a current marine electrical lead test tag (as per AS/NZS3760). Gulf Harbour Marina will accept that a lead tag issued by a registered Marine Electrician or Inspector will meet these standards. This is indicated on the tag by the inclusion of an E (Electrician) or an I (Inspector) in front of the ID number. No lead tag will be accepted without one of these precursor letters for vessel shore power connections.

The expiry of any of the necessary certificates or tags will be monitored and reminders will be sent to the vessel’s owners prior to the expiry date.

In the absence of an updated certificate or tag by the expiry date, the lead will be unplugged and an email informing the vessel owner about the disconnection will be sent.

Attended power supply For Electrical Appliances (temporary connection)

Power may be used from a marina power outlet if the connection is to be attended at all times. Examples of this may be a vessel owner or contractor wishing to work on a vessel with power tools, an Air Berth, or a Sea Pen which need to be connected during operation.

Any lead plugged into the power socket must have a current test tag.

Note 1: This type of connection is for the temporary use of electrical appliances, NOT to supply power to a vessel.

Note 2: In this case, the test tag does not need to be issued by a registered Electrician or Inspector, Gulf Harbour Marina will accept a test tag from any competent person

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