Gulf Harbour Rigging

Established in 1988 at Gulf Harbour Marina, Gulf Harbour Rigging has a rich history stemming from its origins in Auckland in 1971 as Terry Gillespie Ltd. 

Founded by the esteemed Terry Gillespie, a prominent figure in New Zealand’s yacht rigging scene. In September 2010, the ownership changed hands when Phil Ash acquired the company’s assets and assumed the lease on the premises. Fast forward 11 years to 2021, Rob Croft, formerly an employee, took the reins, becoming the new owner and lessee. 

Owner Rob Croft is not only a seasoned Yacht Rigger but also brings a wealth of sailing experience to the table. Having navigated the Pacific and Indonesian waters and achieved success in local and offshore races with his Farr 38 ‘Coppelia’, Rob is well-versed in yacht maintenance and has extensive ‘big boat’ experience, enabling him to handle extreme rope loadings with precision. 

Phil Ash, who initially managed the rigging workshop at Gulf Harbour from 1996 before purchasing the business, boasts a lifelong passion for sailing. Starting with P Class dinghy sailing in Wellington Harbour in the 1960s, Phil’s journey has seen him venture into keelboat sailing and various dinghy classes. His extensive experience in sailmaking, loft management, and marine industry roles on the US west coast have equipped him with a profound understanding of yacht maintenance and rigging.

Handling office and accounts management is Kerry Davies, a stalwart of the New Zealand marine industry, currently serving as Commodore of the Weiti Boating Club. Together with her husband Mike, they share a love for sailing, having achieved notable success with their Farr 1020 and previously owned Alan Wright designed Marauder, clinching National Championships in 2011 and 2012.

For longtime patrons, the retirement of original owner Terry Gillespie after four decades in the rigging business marks a significant transition. While Terry now enjoys leisure pursuits like fishing and golfing, his wealth of knowledge remains accessible to former customers and friends, Terry’s expertise is just a phone call away!

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