Pōhutukawa (Kiwi Christmas Trees)

As summer approaches and our local Pohutukawa trees prepare for their enchanting pre-Christmas bloom, boat owners in the marina are bracing for a unique challenge brought about by the beauty of these vibrant red flowers. The issue at hand? Local bees will leave behind yellow spots that can, and inevitably will, embellish various parts of your boat – from decks and covers to bimini and beyond. Even vessels on the hardstand, particularly those with dark covers, are destined to showcase these distinctive spots.

Some customers in the past have mistaken these spots for oil residue from the travel lifts – but this is not the case. For those skeptical of our Maintenance Manager Phil’s statement that ‘it tastes like honey’ – a quick Google search on ‘What does bee excrement look like?’ should put any doubts to rest!

To mitigate the challenge of removing these spots, the key lies in proactive maintenance. Ensuring a high-quality wax or polish has been applied to your boat’s topsides and horizontal surfaces serves as a protective measure. Timely removal of the spots, before they become ingrained into your vessel’s exterior, can make the process much more manageable. So, as you gear up for the summer boating season, consider this proactive approach to keep your boat looking pristine amidst the picturesque Pohutukawa bloom.

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