Forest and Bird Update for PFHC

As we have shared in our previous newsletters, Gulf Harbour Marina works with Forest & Bird’s Pest Free Hibiscus Coast Project to control rats and mice around the marina property. However, it’s also really important to make sure that your gear is free from pests by setting traps or bait stations at home, and checking your bags and boxes before you come to the marina.

The Pest Free Hibiscus Coast Project (PFHC) can help you protect nature in your backyard by supplying rat traps to anyone living on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, Ōrewa, Millwater, or Hatfields Beach -just click here to order yours. There is no charge, you just need to set it regularly and report your catches. Nearly 2000 people are already doing this, and seeing native birds return to their neighbourhoods.

Seen some cool critters or a beautiful plant but don’t know what it is? Upload a photo to the iNaturalist app or website and get instant recommendations and confirmations from a community of experts across New Zealand. You can also join the PFHC project on iNaturalist to check out what people are seeing in your area.

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