Meet Pete – Marina Services Team Lead

Pete Marina team leader in a boat at the marina

After almost 20 years at sea experiencing many different marinas and honing his creative problem solving and customer service skills in the super yacht industry, Pete and his wife returned home to Christchurch to start a family in 2016. 

It quickly became apparent that they wanted their son to grow up interacting with the sea. The freezing temperatures and hostile environment in the south aren’t the most encouraging, so before their son had turned one, they were on their way up north. 

Pete’s been the TeamLead of marina services for the better part of four years. Pete is often at the marina on weekends where you’ll see him buzzing about in one of our boats, or speeding past on a bicycle. 

On his days off, Pete will be renovating an old bach he bought with his wife a year and a half ago, paddle boarding and snorkelling with his family, or on ripping windy days you’ll find him at the beach kitesurfing. 

Pete is trying very hard to get his 4-year-old into fishing. “If you have any tips or tricks that you’ve used successfully with your kids, I’d be more than happy to hear them!” Says Pete.

Pete is a sucker for sailing stories, and he’s keen to hear any that you’ve got! 20 years ago, when he was young and crazy, he joined a boat in Fiji and found himself in Norway a couple of years later. Along the way he adventured through Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Palau, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Singapore, Spain, Ireland, and Sweden. Pete says “someday I hope to regain my craziness and take my wife and son with me on a second trip.”

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