Marina Projects Update

As we progress through the first quarter of the year, here are some significant updates regarding maintenance and key projects at Gulf Harbour Marina.

The beautification project on the western side of the marina has reached its final stages, with our dedicated grounds crew now focusing on trimming and tidying up the foliage. On the eastern side, a small project remains to complete the narrow strip of gardens between the car parks and the Fairway Bay containers. Unfortunately, this task has been delayed due to vehicle obstruction and the need for some rainy weather to spoil the fantastic summer we have all had so we may gain access to this area. We anticipate completing these works by late March and early April.

We’re immensely proud of the effort and outcome achieved by our grounds crew, and it’s heartening to receive constant positive feedback from our customers.

The replacement Pier ID project is nearing completion, with new poles already at the marina and LED Pier ID letterheads ready to be affixed. Our aim is to finalize this project by the end of March.

Our sustainability efforts continue improving and we thank all our customers in assisting us with our waste management and recycling. 

Please use the waste oil receptacles in the central car parks on the western and allocated bins on the eastern for all waste oil and filters. At no time is it acceptable to pour waste oil out into the gardens and around the pohutukawa trees – this has occassionaly occurred by repeat offenders. If any customer or contractor see anything untoward occurring please report it to our marina office or management staff.

On another note, a reminder for all and for new customers please do check out our website that is in a constant refresh of new and perceived useful information. In particular a number of long-term customers were not aware of the detailed information available on Navigating the Marina and in particular the hydrographic data and maps available. 

The main channel leads have also had all foliage trimmed to ensure the white triangles and white lights at night are not obscured.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to maintain Gulf Harbour Marina as a premier destination for all our berth holders and visitors!

By Phil Wiig – Asset and Project Manager

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