Firefish Fabrication: Your Gulf Harbour Marina-based fabrication experts

Firefish Fabrication are your local Gulf Harbour Marina-based fabricators, committed to the highest quality and creative craftsmanship for all your marine needs. Steve and his team are located behind the Brin Wilson Boat Builders shed, at 779 Laurie Southwick Parade, just before the main entrance to the Marina.

Recent Projects and Trends

We spoke with Steve Burton, Managing Director, about recent projects and trends. “It’s fascinating to see the evolving trends in the boating world. Recently, we’ve seen high demand for davits and Starlink mounting systems. Starlink has become essential for boat enthusiasts seeking seamless internet connectivity on the water. We’ve fabricated numerous custom brackets for Starlink units, like the one shown below.”

Davits have been in high demand over the past year, and we anticipate this trend to continue. These small crane-like devices are commonly installed on a boat’s deck, serving to launch, retrieve, and store smaller watercraft like dinghies, jet skis, or lifeboats. Offering a secure and efficient solution, davits ensure easy access to auxiliary vessels, allowing skippers to move between bays with minimal delay and hassle. 

When asked what else is on the job board at the moment, Steve replied “Some of our current projects include fender holders, rod racks, bow rails, and frames for mounting solar panels. Additionally, we handle various insurance works and maintenance to ensure your stainless fittings remain sleek and shiny, long after initial fabrication and installation.”

Have a project or idea? Contact Steve and the team at or visit our workshop. Don’t forget to ask for a chocolate fish when you drop by!

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